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There was a spark, then a fire—and that was all it took for a community in Boulder, Colorado to come together through social networking and try to make a difference.

In order to share information about 2010 Fourmile Fire as it happened, we tweeted scanner reports, posted news reports, drove food to the volunteer firefighters and expressed our fears to one another. Meanwhile, the real heroes–firefighters and emergency workers—were busy saving lives.

We wondered how else we could help. A tweet was made, then another tweet, and within a few hours Fourmile Heroes was born. Fourmile Heroes’ mission is to support the firefighters of the Fourmile Fire with two goals in mind:

  • To express thanks to the firefighters and emergency workers
  • To raise money for local firefighters

All of the proceeds from the sale of items are donated to the Boulder County Firefighters Association Fund.

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